Academic researchers from universities

This category comprises research projects which are conducted by a university researcher, which primarily aim at yielding new academic insights and whose exclusive or almost exclusive objective is to achieve a publication in a so-called A scientific journal. Moreover, projects should be endorsed by a highly reputed full professor working in the field. Research proposals falling in this category are reviewed by a board consisting of representatives of MIGGROPRICES and AiMark. Besides the high quality of the intended research and the far reaching academic freedom of the researcher(s) involved, further conditions and characteristics of intended work falling in this category include:

  • there are no costs for the data,

  • there are minor costs for the work of preparing the data,

  • there are no contributions to AiMark community costs and

  • the academic(s) working on the project can build on previous published and non-published work of the MIGGROPRICES network.

Moreover, researchers agree to contribute their insights and experience to the MIGGROPRICES network.


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