What data and services does MIGGROPRICES offer?

Closely cooperating with the AiMark Foundation and Europanel and on behalf of its data partners (GfK, Kantar Worldpanel, IRIWorldwide and others), we are able to support macroeconomic-oriented research employing micro scanner price data from almost 40 countries. Prerequisites for this support and participating in the effort/project are the conditions and the procedure outlined below and described in more detail on our website.

Available datasets comprise those from household and retailer panels. The household scanner price data stem from households panels operated in up to 54 countries with sample sizes ranging between 2,000 to 95,000 per country and tracking the consumer purchase behavior of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Variables included provide comprehensive records on households’ purchases at the individual good’s level (bar code, quantities paid, prices paid, detailed brand and retail outlet information, household id, ....). This information is complemented by 'socio demographics' profiles of households on age, income, region, lifecycle, etc. Based on the specification of a submitted proposal, tailor made databases can be constructed. For more detailed information about the datasets available, please visit the websites of AiMark and Europanel.

Data from scanning retail panels originate from the AiMark partners SymphonyIRI and GfK Retail & Technology. The former encompass retail scanning data for the FMCG market in multiple countries whereas the latter provide data for many non-FMCG markets, like durables and services. As is common with retailer scanning data, some restrictions apply. We are happy to provide more information on these limits and the further datasets upon request.

Moreover, MIGGROPRICES offers assistance with preparing and handling these data and promotes the exchange of insights and experience obtained by the network of data users.