How can one get access to the data and services?

Other projects

Academic project from a university researcher


To obtain information on how to get access to data needed to implement an academic project not conducted by a researcher working at a university please contact us at:

To get access to data needed to realize a project to be conducted at a university, you have to hand in a research proposal that is to be evaluated by a review board consisting of representatives of AiMark and MIGGROPRICES. The procedure is described in detail at the AiMark's Submit proposal.

The research proposal should in particular encompass the following:

  • A description of the planned research work not exceeding five pages. This document should include a short review of the relevant literature and spell out in detail what the planned contributions of the intended research projects are. Moreover, an exposition of the planned research approach and the employed methodology should be given.

  • A one-page summary of the research work to be planned.

  • A timetable, including key milestones as well as an expected completion date.

  • Support needs (Note: AiMark will not grant cash requests).

  • A statement of acceptance to our terms of support.

  • A current C.V. of the involved researcher(s)

We moreover highly recommend that you contact us if you are interested in handing in a research proposal before you do so.