MIGGROPRICES liaises the access to comprehensive and unique scanner price data sets to researches at universities, research and other institutions.


MIGGROPRICES catalyzes macroeconomic-oriented research activities employing micro price data.


MIGGROPRICES promotes the exchange of insights and experience obtained by the network of data users.


macroeconomic insights from aggregating evidence on micro price setting

The increasing availability of comprehensive micro data sets, conceptional progress in dealing with idiosyncratic heterogeneity and considerably improved computational facilities have boosted an area in economic research that employs granular data to improve macroeconomic modelling and draw macroeconomic implications. Employing novel and very comprehensive (“big data”) sets of micro prices (at the retail product level) the research network MIGGROPRICES aims at contributing to this literature by providing new insights into the nature of price setting. Concurrently, the project will also allow for drawing implications from these findings for macro-modeling.


The MIGGROPRICES initiative aims at fostering this type of research activities by catalyzing the distribution of novel and very comprehensive ("big data") sets of micro prices (at the retail product level) to individual researchers and institutions conducting research in this field.  Parallel, researchers involved in MIGGROPRICES form a network of experts aiming at sharing and exchanging insights obtained from employing and analyzing the provided micro price data. Both, research workshop, symposiums and conferences but also bilateral exchanges between network members serve to achieve this goal.

MIGGROPRICES is an initiative by AiMark.